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A history of great prices
Guidarellis Liquor circa 1934
Guidarellis Liquor circa 1970
Guidarellis Liquor circa 1975

In 1934, Joe Guidarelli opened up Guidarellis Liquor. He would work many tireless hours to start one of the few liquor store in Schenectady. He worked up till his untimely death in 1975.

Mike Guidarelli (Joes son) and his wife Jamie Guidarelli took over for his dad when his dad passed. Mike didn’t want to see his dads hard work disappear forever. Mike had a different way he wanted to run the store. Mike wanted to change the way Liquor stores conduct their business. Instead of putting the product behind the employee booth, they put all of the products on shelves in aisles so the customers could reach for and hold the products in their hands. The store was a success and hired more employees and was about 1/2 of the size the store is today. Even though it was smaller, it was the largest liquor store in Schenectady and one of the largest in the county. Mike never underestimated the power of the customer. While other liquor store’s made the competition their business, Mike made pleasing the customer with low prices his business. This philosophy worked, and he found himself ready to expand at the same location his father had started at 40 years earlier.

In 1993, Ron Slater came to Liquor Store He started as a stock person and cashier to help Mike and Jamies ever growing business. In 2001, Ron would co-partner with his now, in-laws. He would soon go on to have a mission to provide quality beverages at great prices to the community as his now relatives have done for over 65 years.

Ron much like Mike and Jamie knew the importance of customer service and continued to offer great prices and a vast selection that was consistently changing to Schenectady’s sophisticated palate. They are still one of the largest discount liquor stores in Schenectady city and County. They offer over 2500 produts everyday at discounted prices. Their motto “never pay full prices” has made them a front runner in retail liquor.